New Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Hire Package

Friday, June 10th, 2016

From September 2016 we will have available for hire the brand new Oculus Rift VR equipment RIFT . Just released in the US, this is brand new technology. You know it is good when Facebook’s  Mark Zuckerberg dropped a cool US$2Billion to get Oculus.……..this guy knows a bit about technology and it’s direction.

Our Rift VR Hire Package is designed to generate floor traffic to your exhibition stand and make your stand the best at the show………….plus have people talking about your brand well after the show finishes. Your stand staff will have lots of interaction with show attendees and the opportunity to make new contacts.

The Oculus Rift Hire Package includes the Rift headset, sensor and top end VR PC. Options include a spectating screen, chair for user to sit and an operator to manage the setup for you. Pricing (ex GST) starts from $495 per unit per day.

There is lots of content to choose from. Apollo 11 space, the Grand Canyon, Eagle Flight, Climbing, the list goes on.  Dreamdeck Apollo 11

Send us an email or call (0432 983 989) with a brief and we can quote a package to suit your exhibition stand needs. This will be the hottest thing in the exhibition market and we are taking bookings now. Make your stand the killer activation.

V8 Supercar Corporate Suite Entertainment

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

GamersCockpit can supply WORKS model simulators in your corporate area for your guests to enjoy. Simulators will be setup with 2011 to 2018 spec V8 Supercars racing at the actual circuit you are attending. Compete in a fastest lap challenge or in a short race against the full grid of cars. Better still get 2 or more machines and race head to head. This is great fun not only for the racers but spectators as well.

Simulators are priced from $409 ex GST per machine per day. Each simulator has a foot print of 2m deep X 0.75m wide. We can brand the cockpits with your logos for a nice way of impressing your sponsors.

So if you will be occupying a corporate facility at one of the upcoming V8 rounds add a simulator or two  to make the event even more memorable.  Contact GamersCockpit now on 0432 983 989 or to make a booking. Simulator supply is limited so get in now.

New Formula 1 Simulator

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

We now have the new RS Formula simulator available for hire. This rig replicates the unique driving position and experience of a Formula car. Feature the licenced Ferrari replica wheel and state of the art f1 simulation software, this set up is just stunning.

This is the ideal tool to use at your next exhibition/trade show to generate floor traffic to your stand and make your business the star attaction.

Pricing is $850 + GST per day and includes 1 x RS Formula, 1 x operator, 1 x leaderboard. Lower rates apply for 3+ days.

Optional simulator branding package available so the setup looks like you own it! Enquire or book now

F1 2012 Melbourne

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

GamersCockpit worked with Renault at the Melbourne F1 supplying 4 x WORKS model simulators for their outdoor display.

Visitors to the stand got to race a Megane RS250 around the Albert Park track in a fastest lap challenge. It proved to be very, very popular and we had our hands full with big crowds every day.

Feedback from Renault was extremely positive with a large increase in visitors to the 2012 stand V 2011. It was alot of hard work but worth the effort.

HRT Drive Days

Friday, April 13th, 2012

GamersCockpit continues to provide entertainment for attendees of HRT’s Drive Days. For 2012 we will have simulators the HRT days in WA, SA, QLD, NSW ans VIC. WORKS model cockpits will be setup running 2011 HRT Supercars so attendees could take a virtual lap before their actual Hot Lap. 

Pictured here is Will Davison (2010)getting in some early morning warm up laps of Eastern Creek. He was very fast and set some very good times, even preferring to use the stick rather than paddle change.

With a constant flow of drive day attendees the cockpits got a big work out and were enjoyed by all. Having the 2010 livery and the actual circuit was very popular.

A big thanks to Georgia from HRT for getting us involved with the days and we hope we can do more events with HRT in the future. A head to head challenge V the HRT boys would be great fun.

Kenny from da Block

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Here is our old mate Ken Block with his latest Gymkhana 3 video. Once again he puts in a very nice performance.

Great stuff Ken we love your work.

Now if only he could be this good in the WRC!

HIRE – 3D TV Now Available

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

3D TV is now available for hire. Add a 3D TV Gaming/Movie station to your exhibition stand or event and pull in the crowds!

Our new 3D Entertainment Stations are absolutely stunning. Available components include:

  • Latest Samsung 63″ 3D Plasma TV
  • Mobile display stand for TV & equipment
  • Sony PS3 gaming console, 6 x wireless controllers and game (Wii also available)
  • Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player, 5 x 3D glasses and a 3D movie
  • Sound is pumped out via a logitech sound system (2 x satellites + sub woofer)
  • Seating – either ottoman or lounge style

The entertainment stations are a great way of generating traffic to your exhibition. Fire up Avitar in 3D on the the massive 63″ plasma and you will have people flocking to your stand. Everyone wants to see what 3D TV is like!

Alternatively use the PS3 (or Wii console) to offer the ultimate gaming experience – the 63″ screen just makes it! Gaming for 1-6 players + great fun for the spectators will make your stand or event the place to be. Games like FIFA 10 (Soccer), Boxing, UFC 10, Golf are a big hit. Or using the Wii motion controllers to play bowling, archery, tennis……great fun and a different experience.

Pricing starts from $950 ex per day -(better rate for longer period applies) . An on site operator can be supplied to manage the display and run competitions if required (cost is $250 ex per day).

Make your next event a massive hit using our new 3D Entertainment Stations. Call now on 0432 983 989 or email to give us a brief and we will send you a quote.

Fanatec Products

Friday, April 30th, 2010

We have been unable to have any of our stock orders fulfilled by FANATEC and we are no longer in regular contact with Thomas their CEO. So the short term outlook is we will not be able to supply any FANATEC products.

We will continue to try and get stock as the product is good and with the OZ dollar high, pricing is as good as it can be.

Sorry to disappoint. We have put in lots of effort to secure stock but had no success.

FANATEC Product Update

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Unfortunately we still do not have an ETA on the Fanatec product lines we have on order. As soon as we have advice from Thomas or his team at Fanatec we will advise is our news area.

Hang in there if you can!

FANATEC product availability update.

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

We have received advice from FANATEC that they are still behind in their production schedule. This means our order for lines such as 911 Turbo S wheel, 911 GT3 RS wheel, ClubSport pedals, RennSport wheel stand and more will not be supplied in the short term.

Production in China is taking place now and we will have an update on availability in 2-3 weeks.

Sorry for the delay but this is really out of our hands. Our order has not been cancelled and we still plan to get the goods. Fanatec make fantastic products so we are trying our best to get our stock as quickly as possible.

RennSport Wheel Stand Update

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

We have received advice from Thomas at FANATEC that production of the RennSport wheel stand is still behind schedule. This means that the stock order we have with FANATEC for the wheels stands (and other product lines) is not able to be supplied in the short term.

Our order for the stands will not be cancelled and we still plan to bring the stand in from China for sale via our GamersCockpit store. We will be receiving an update from Fanatec in 2-3 weeks as production is taking place now. However with the time it takes to sea freight goods from China we do not expect to receive any stock this year.

We apologise to those of you who we supplied with a previous stock ETA which has now proved to be incorrect.

When our stock is in transit we will make the stand available for sale through our store. Orders can then be placed and goods secured by paying a 25% deposit with the balance paid prior to despatch to you.

Once again we are sorry for the delay and will provide more updates as they come through.

New Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Logitech have released a new high end racing wheel named the G27. The G27 supersedes the highly successful G25 which was released in 06.

Here is a very quick overview of differences from G25:

  • Buttons on wheel face: G25 has two, G27 has six
  • Force feedback transmission: G25 features straight-cut (spur) gears, G27 features diagonal-cut (helical) gears
  • Pedals: G27 features taller standoffs for clutch and brake pedals, as well as horizontal adjustability, making customizability and heel-toe downshifting easier
  • Shifter: G27 features stiffer centering spring and more positive gear engagement feeling, improving the overall feel of the shifter.
  • RPM/Shift Indicator LEDs: G27 features 10 LEDs that can be used by game developers to indicate RPM, redline, or to indicate the user should shift gears.

More information can be found within our online store under Racing Wheels

The highly respected SimHQ have done a very thourough review of the G27

GamersCockpit are expecting our stock of the G27 from October 23. The price is $599 and you can place your pre-order with us now.

All G27 wheels bought from GamersCockpit will be shipped with:

  •  a trial copy of rFactor that supports the new RPM/shift indicator LED
  • a GamersCockpit 1 page tuning summary to help you configure the wheel settings
  • a $50 discount towards the purchase of a GamersCockpit “WORKS” or “STRIPPER” race rig

The WORKS – New Name for existing model

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Due to the introduction of our new model GamersCockpit called the STRIPPER we have now called our existing model the WORKS.

The STRIPPER ($659.95) sits below the WORKS in the model range and now gives you more choice when working out the best racing simulation setup for your situation.

Until now we only had one model so there was no real need for a specific model name – it was just known as the GamersCockpit. It has always been our plan to introduce new models and now that we have done that giving them model names stops confusion about which model we are referring to.

We have been selling the WORKS for over 4 years now and it has been very successful. It is a great product with a full range of accessories that provides you with the complete simulation solution + it really looks the business!. We knew however that there was a demand for a cockpit at a lower price point that still offered high quality but with out some of the extras. We have been working on such a model for some time now and it is now here ready for sale.

The STRIPPER -just like a real street stripper it features just the core components you need for a high performance race rig and none of the fancy bits that are nice but don’t make you go any faster.

While the WORKS is like you are a fully sponsored factory pilot with every imaginable option available to you. So you get the complete package while also looking the goods.

See product details in our online store.

New Model GamersCockpit – The STRIPPER

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

GamersCockpit have added a brand new model race rig called the STRIPPER. It will be availble for delivery from July 12, 2009. Priced from $659.95 orders can be placed now. See full details listed in our web store.

Just like a real street stripper it  features just the core components you need for a high performance race rig and none of the fancy bits that are nice but don’t make you go any faster.

So you get:

  • High quality race seat with adjustable back rest position (available in black, blk/red, blk/grey) 
  • Steering wheel mounting platform. Features height and reach adjustment + pre-drilled holes for mounting G25 and Porsche 911 wheel with screws.
  • Pedal plate for pedal mounting. Features rake and reach adjustment +  laser cut slots for mounting G25 and Porsche 911 pedals with screws.
  • Shifter mounting bracket (can be mounted LHS+RHS) for G25 shifter. Features pre-drilled holes for mounting with screws.

This rig is highly adjustable so you can find the optimum setup. An optional seat rail slider can be added for quicker seat adjusment (good for families).

Another key design element is ensuring clear access to your pedals. With the leading wheels on the market having 3 pedal systems (clutch/brake/throttle) you need unobscured access to your pedals, particularly for heel-toe down changing. Some competitor cockpits have support structures that go between your legs (to support the wheel) which makes access to the brake and throttle with your right foot less than ideal. 

Your cockpit chassis can be powdercoated in the colour of your choice – black, yellow, silver, super white, orange, red, blue are popular choices. The std seat is also available in black, blk/red, blk/grey. Should you wish to buy the Stripper chassis but with a different seat please go to FRAMES+ACCESSORIES and then to RACING SEATS within our store. The STRIPPER chassis in Super White with the new fixed back RPM seat in red is a killer (+ a Porsche 911 Turbo wheel fitted)!

Rubber adhesive pads are supplied to stick to the bottom of the frame for setting your race cockpit on a hard floor surface.

A sound system can be fitted to the frame. A sub-woofer fits under the seat and satellite speakers can be placed either side of the wheel. 2 x pre-drilled holes are on the wheel platform to secure the satellites using their std foot or using the GamersCockpit option speakers sleeves. The logitech X230 2.1 system is what we recommend – it fits the rig perfectly and the sound is the business.

Our frame is Aiusralian made using high quality materials and best practises production techniques. The Stripper comes with a 12 month warranty – and we carry a complete stock of replacement parts (no waiting on stuff from overseas).

The stripper is the ideal way to experience the thrill of racing simulation (PC/PS3/Xbox360) at an affodable price point.

The STRIPPER sits below our existing model cockpit which we have now named the WORKS.

NOTE: The rough pictures listed are of our prototype. Small changes (hole position + better finish) will occur with production stock. Stock will be available from 12/07/09. New better quality pictures to follow soon.

GamersCockpit and the Dunlop Townsville 400

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
  • (more…)
  • Canberra Agent for GamersCockpit

    Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

    GamersCockpit is pleased to announce Tattoo Power as our new agent for Canberra. Business owner Chris Cashmore is good mates with our new Port Lincoln agent Byron and has also chosen to represent GamersCockpit.

    We are still in the process of supplying Chris with his floor stock and he will be in a position at the end of July where you can come in and go for a race and then place your order.

    A hire service will also be available so if you have an event coming up where you need some entertainment, then GamersCockpit is your answer. Not only are they great entertainment while racing but they entertain a crowd also.

    So if you want to experience the thrill of racing the world’s best cars on tracks from all over the world get into Tattoo Power and see Chris who can show the range of GamersCockpit products.

    Tattoo Power, Unit 3/2 Montford Cresent, North Lynham. Ph 02 6247 0490

    Port Lincoln Agent for GamersCockpit

    Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

    GamersCockpit is very pleased to announce Frontyard Tattoo as our new GamersCockpit agent for Port Lincoln (SA) and surrounding areas.

    Business owner Byron recently attended a show in Adelaide where our local agent had some cockpits on display. Byron was obviously very impressed as he has wasted no time contacting us to let us know he wanted to become part of the team.

    There is a cockpit now setup in Byrons studio for interested buyers to come and check out. More cockpits including our new STRIPPER model will soon be added to the studio.

    A hire service will also be available so if you have an event coming up where you need some entertainment, then GamersCockpit is your answer. Not only are they great entertainment while racing but they entertain a crowd also.

    So please come in and see Byron, experience the thrill of racing simulation in a decked out GamersCockpit and then place your order for one (or two). To contact Frontyard Tattoo ph 08 8683 1889 or see more details listed in our RESELLER section.

    Sydney Telstra 500 – VIPs Wanted

    Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

    GamersCockpit is looking for expressions of interest from from our customer base to attend the new Telstra 500 over December 4, 5 & 6. We hope to form a 20 person team and secure our own private GamersCockpit VIP area.

    The area proposed is on the inside of the track on approach to turn 6 (a real passing area) and will have all the goodies we will need to make sure we all enjoy ourselves.  Pricing is $1400/ person for the 3 days.

    Should we not reach the needed number of 20 to secure our own private area we can look at attending as a smaller group in the shared corporate facilities which overlook pit straight. Again all the goodies you expect for the full VIP experience will be included. Pricing is $1400/person for the 3 days.

    As an added bonus we will also be able to make a visit to pit lane to meet up with Paul Stokell who is competing in the Mini Challenge and is currently second in the series. Paul is the GamersCockpit Brisbane agent and  will no doubt look after us.

    So if you are keen to attend what is sure to be a great event (they always go all out in the first year) and want to do it in style with like minded enthusiasts please shoot me an email or phone to let me know you are interested. I will then send you more details of the inclusions.

    If this is going to happen we really need to act now so we can secure our package!

    Craig Lowndes rocks GamersCockpit

    Thursday, May 28th, 2009

    GamersCockpit was recently contracted by the QLD Fire and Rescue Service to provide simulators on their stand at a large event in Cairns. This is a great way to use GamersCockpit as it is a sure fire way of ensuring you get lots of visitors to your stand.

    Craig Lowndes dropped in for a visit and put the GamersCockpit through its paces. He certainly enjoyed himself and put on a great show for the crowd. Hats off to you Craig.

    Here is Craig pictured with our new Townsville representative Brad Stewart. It seems Brad is giving him a few tips on how he can improve his lap times – great work Brad!

    New Brisbane Agent for GamersCockpit

    Thursday, May 28th, 2009

    GamersCockpit are pleased to announce Stokell Motorsport as their new Brisbane agent. Based out of Lamborghini Brisbane, Paul Stokell has a long history in motorsport (winning 5 Australian Championships) and now runs his own driver training business in and around Brisbane.

    Visiting GamersCockpit  Brisbane is quite an experience, with no less than half a dozen Lamborghini’s usually on display at any one time. So if you are interested in getting a GamersCockpit setup come in and see Paul who can arrange a demo (perhaps a Mercielago R-GT at Monza) and supply your cockpit.

    Not only does Paul stock and sell GamersCockpit but he has various configurations available for hire at private or corporate functions.

    Visit GamersCockpit Brisbane at 632 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006 or visit for more information. 

    “The simulations these days are incredible! The feedback and response through the GamersCockpit set up enables me to feel changes made to car set up and gauge their effectiveness just like in the real thing” 

    “We frequently use the simulators for driver training. They are that good” 

    “I honestly believe that a correctly set up GamersCockpit can make you a better driver”


    Targa Tasmania

    Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

    It’s that time of year again when those with lots of dough (or talent) get to rip through the Tassy country side. Dean Evans who has been a long standing supporter of GamersCockpit will be driving a red hot Lotus Exige Cup 260 in this years event and will be very, very fast.

    If only they had the Targa stages released in an official game – that would be the goods and would also allow Dean to do some training in his GamersCockpit. Lets hope Dean gets a great result. 

    Tarmac Story

    New Website

    Monday, April 13th, 2009

    It has been a long time coming but we have finally decided to press the “go” button for our new site. It is by no means finished but we thought it best to get it up and running with what we have got, while adding more content and “fine tuning” as we go.

    You can buy now using PayPal payment option – the other payment options will be available soon. Should you not wish to buy online simply give us a call and we can do business of the phone.

    Please call us directly or send an email if you have any questions.

    Also check out the Limited Edition GT3 GamersCockpit. There will only be 20 units and they will feature the shit hot Porsche 911 GT3 RS wheel and metal ClubSport pedals.

    Available from May 09 we are taking orders now. So if you want a killer sim setup this is the one to get. Contact us now and secure yours so you don’t miss out.

    Sorry we do not have a full setup pic of the GT3 as we are waiting on our stock but there are lots of individual pics for you to check out on the listings in the store.

    Dave @ GamersCockpit

    New RennSport Wheel Stand

    Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

    You can’t justify a full cockpit setup but still need a solid mounting system for your wheel, pedals and shifter……..then the RennSport Wheel Stand is your answer.

    Sit on your lounge in front of your big screen TV and go racing. No more resting the wheel on your lap and having your pedals move all over the place. Compatible with all leading wheels including Logitec, Microsoft and Porsche and includes shifter mounting points for Porsche and G25 shifters. Multi-adjustable so you can find a comfortable driving position.

    The folding design means you can easily store it away when not in use. This is a high quality German designed product that will make your racing much more enjoyable. If you are still playing GT5 (or similar) with a hand held controller you should now get your self a wheel and the RennSport Stand and you will feel like you are now racing in stead of just playing a game.

    Available from our store May 09 for $249.95. Place your order now so you don’t miss out!

    Limited Edition GamersCockpit with Porsche 911 GT3 RS wheel & metal ClubSport pedals

    Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

    We are excited to anounce the release in May 09 of 20 Limited Edition GamersCockpits. The “GT3” is a full house weapon that delivers an unmatched driving experience and is designed for those that want the very best.

    The GT3 will feature the new officially licensed Porsche 911 GT3 RS wheel and state-of-the-art metal ClubSport pedals. Just like Porsche cars these components are designed for pure performance and represent the pinnacle of simulation hardware. The hand stitched leather wheel is manufactured according to Porsche quality standards using original ALCANTARA® leather made in Italy. 3 Force Feedback motors and smooth belt drive deliver sensational realism. The ClubSport pedals (includes clutch) have adjustable spring strength and a pressure sensitive brake pedal with Vibration Motor to indicate locking tyres. Gear change is via the stainless steel paddle shifters or the H-pattern stick.

    Components mount to the GamersCockpit chassis via screws so you get a rock solid connection and do not have to rely on clamps or other less preferrable methods.

    Other GT3 features include a replica GT3 race seat with rail slider. An integrated Logitech 5.1 sound system surrounds the driver (including sub woofer under the seat so you feel the rumble) providing true to life sound. Mounting brackets for your mouse and keyboard are included so you can navigate through the software comfortably while seated. The chassis is powder coated in new “Black Chrome” and carries orange GT3 livery.

    Available in two levels of specification:

     1. Chassis/seat/wheel/pedals/shifter/sound

     2. Chassis/seat/wheel/pedals/shifter/sound/screen/gaming PC w/simulation software

    With specification level 2 a custom gaming PC is supplied along with GTR Evolution and GTR2 simulation software from leading Sweedish developer SIMBIN. Choose between a 24″ Samsung HD LCD monitor mounted on the integrated monitor stand or the 30″ Samsung HD LCD monitor mounted on a mobile screen stand.

    Pricing is:

    • $2595 for specifiaction 1
    • $4895 for specification 2 (24″ screen)
    • $6195 for specification 2 (30″ screen on mobile stand)

    Stock is limited to 20 units and orders are being taken now

    Note: the GT3 is compatible with most PS3 games also.

    Sydney Motorshow – drive our simulator

    Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

    The Sydney International Motorshow is here again this October 26th to November 5th. We will be there at AfterMarket Avenue, stand P8 (next to Garmin Street Navigation).

    Gamers Cockpit will have three cockpits hooked up. Two will be running Gran Turismo 4 on Playstation 2 and one will be running the new release GTR2 racing simulator on a top-spec ASUS PC. This cockpit will also have the latest steering wheel and pedals from Logitech – the G25.

    This will be the hottest racing experience at the Motorshow.

    Come by and say hello, have a race and enjoy the rest of the show. Keep an eye out for the new TT, Audi R8 concept and of course the 599 GTB.

    Murcotts Driver Training use our simulator

    Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

    Murcotts Driving Excellence recently installed a Gamers Cockpit simulator at their Sandown Raceway space.

    Murcotts was established in 1969 by Jim Murcott, motoring journalist and focuses on driver education and road safety. They train over 15,000 drivers per year!

    They plan to use the simulators during down time and and a teaching aid for their students.

    eGames & Entertainment Expo – Melbourne

    Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

    See us at the inaugral eGames Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on November 17 – 19 this year.

    The expo is described as: a forum for manufacturers, developers, major retailers and industry specific organisations to present and market products, services and information regarding electronic games and interactive entertainment products.

    We will be there with several simulators for you to give a good workout. We will be demonstrating:

    Logitech’s NEW G25 Racing Wheel with Six-Speed Shifter and Clutch Pedal.

    The NEW game title ‘GTR2’ on a top-spec ASUS games machine (this is hard-core racing!)

    Check out the official Expo website for times and pricing

    Visit us at Stand A38 (see floorplan below) and have a go:

    Mt Panorama Museum installs Gamers Cockpit

    Monday, July 17th, 2006

    The National Motor Racing Museum in Bathurst has just installed a Gamers Cockpit.

    The simulator is running ‘V8 SuperCars 3’ on a Playstation 2 and is set up for the general public to enjoy. They can practise their moves around the Mt Panorama circuit in their choice of V8 SuperCar.

    Museum manager Rod Harvey (pictured) gave the Gamers Cockpit some serious testing (to make sure it was all working perfectly of course!).

    Make sure you drop by the museum when you head over for the big race in October.

    Cisco hire Gamers Cockpits to lure the crowds

    Monday, July 17th, 2006

    Cisco hired two Gamers Cockpits for the Telstra National Sales Conference in Melbourne this month. Cisco wanted the simulators to attract floor traffic to their trade stand.

    They gave away an XBOX 360 each day to the fastest racer.

    Some Telstra execs missed some of the official presentations so they could better their lap times.

    Cisco Systems were very pleased with the results.

    Coca-Cola ‘BATHURST 1000’ Promotion in August

    Saturday, July 8th, 2006

    Coca-Cola and UCB petrol stations are running a Bathurst 1000 competition and giving away 4 Gamers Cockpits!

    The major prize is an ‘ultimate’ three day Bathurst 1000 experience for you and three mates. Our simulators will be given away over 4 weeks to lucky winners.

    How to enter
    You have to buy 2 x 2L bottles of Coca-Cola from any of the over 1000 UCB affiliated petrol stations in Australia (these will be independant stations). You then have to enter your promotional codes online or by SMS.

    This competition starts on the 1st August 2006 and finishes on 31st August 2006.

    We are really excited that Coca-Cola have chosen our simulator as a prize in their Bathurst 1000 promotion. Make sure you head on down to your indepentant petrol station in August for your chance at winning a complete Xbox-powered Gamers Cockpit.

    Gamers Cockpit at the Perth Motor Show

    Friday, April 21st, 2006

    You will be able to test drive a Gamers Cockpit at the Perth Motor Show from April 21st to 25th.

    Check out the Autotrader Magazine stand as they have two of our driving simulators hooked up. Race your mate!

    Check out the Perth Motor Show website for a little more information.

    New event, distributor and frame colours

    Saturday, April 8th, 2006

    GamersCockpit will be at Autoteknica HiTech Performance Motor Show in Perth. There will be two cockpits set up on the X-Speed stand supplied by With a great stand and big projection screens, they are sure to grab a big crowd. Stay tuned for pictures from the event.

    Sherrin Motor Sport in Brisbane have signed on as an official Gamers Cockpit distributor. See our distribution page for more. They are currently building what will be the largest motor sport retail shop in Australia – in Brisbane. We will keep you posted.

    The Gamers Cockpit powder coated frames are now available in 3 new colours: Holden Racing Red, Ford Racing Blueand Silver.

    Lockable shelving units are also now available. It is ideal for commercial applications with a sliding panel on the front for access that can be locked. These units can be ordered for $249.00 (AUD inc. GST).

    Gamers Cockpit goes V8 racing with Scott Bucton

    Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

    Bucton Motor Sport kindly offered hot laps around Oran Park Raceway to a lucky few (including yours truly) in the race Commodore.

    My laps were towards the end of the day and the tyres were not in great condition. So when Scott gave it a bit extra exiting turn one the Commodore got very sideways and span off into the infield! Wearing an open helmet meant I then got a face full of dust – I probably should have closed my eyes, but it was very entertaining.

    Scott was at it all day and showed super human levels of endurance.

    We had a Gamers Cockpit set up in the pit garage (of course)…let’s just say it was tested very thoroughly.

    Thanks to Bucton Motor Sport and Gulf Western Oils for a great experience.

    David Wright

    Colin McRae drives the Gamers Cockpit simulator in Perth!

    Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

    While in Perth driving in the Telstra Rally Australia, Colin McRae dropped by our friends at AutoWholesale and drove one of the several instore Gamer’s Cockpits.

    Colin is the second most successful World Rally Championship driver of all time (in the currency of individual rally wins), second only to Carlos Sainz (source: Wikipedia).

    Now driving for Skoda, Colin had to retire from the challenging Perth Rally with mechanical trouble.

    All of us here at Gamers Cockpit are proud to know that Colin has driven our simulator. The look of concentration on his face says it all.

    Good Gear Guide review our cockpit – 4.5 stars!

    Thursday, October 27th, 2005

    The latest Good Gear Guide has reviewed the Gamers Cockpit and given it 4.5 stars out of 5!

    “The Gamers Cockpit is an impressive, purpose-built driving simulator unit that is perfect for those who absolutely love racing games.”

    “In the Gamers Cockpit it actually feels like you are sitting inside a car. Apart from the obvious lack of movement, everything else is spot on, including the sound, the setup and the steering wheel and pedals.”

    “Overall, the Cockpit is one of the most impressive products we’ve had to review. If you have money, space and a lot of spare time, we can’t think of anything better to own.”

    Gran Turismo 4™ vs. Real life!

    Friday, September 30th, 2005

    Motor magazine takes a Nissan 350Z around the Nôrburgring to compare real life with Gran Turismo 4™

    “Another experienced ‘Ring bloke rode shotgun with me and seemed impressed given my lack of experience. He reckoned I’d saved between 25 and 30 laps practice by learning the track on the game.”

    “A Logitech Driving Force Pro steering wheel is a must-have accessory with a Playstation 2…”

    “Tracks have been measured to tolerances of around five centimetres, and their appearance is close to video-real.”

    “The hill at Flugplutz is taken flat-out in fifth at nearly 200km/h. The car doesn’t fly like it does in GT4, just goes very light on it’s feet. The next sweepers are flat-out after a dab on the brakes, just like they are in the game.”

    And a quote from Dirk Schoysman (an 11,000 lap Nôrburgring legend): “I’ve done one lap, with a hand controller. I thought it was excellent, a very good way to learn your lines.”

    ‘Pedal to the Metal’ – full page review

    Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

    “The Gamers Cockpit literally puts you in the driver’s seat
    Stephen Fenech has written a full page article for the Daily Telegraph’s ‘Connect’ lift-out.

    It is the next best thing to being in a real car.

    “…the Gamers Cockpit guarantees edge-of-your-seat racing.

    “A high-quality Monza sports seat gives the whole thing a genuine driving feel and the framing has a custom-designed platform for the steering wheel and pedals; you think you’re sitting in a real car.

    “…speakers fitted onto poles on either side of the seat means the Gamers Cockpit sounds every bit as real as it drives.

    “The Gamers Cockpit can also be used for playing non-racing games, simply by plugging the the regular controller. The same level of surround sound and heightened game play can still be achieved.

    “You won’t be playing a driving game, you’ll be driving”