Hire Service

We can connect up to six Gamers Cockpits so six people can race each other at the same time. Perfect for entertaing the troops at your next function or a great way to draw a crowd to your stand at a trade show. Using 1 or 2 GamersCockpits on your stand for your next exhibition will ensure you have the most visited stand of the show! And by running a small competition you can build a database of attendees at your stand.

Our hire service is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane/Gold Coast, Adelaide. We have machines there now ready to go!

We also have a simulator packaged in a roadcase which can be shipped via Startrack Express to other areas for your promotional use. Destinations like the Whitsundays, Cairns and Uluru have been popular.

Some companies who have used our hire service:
Sony (Gran Turismo 4 & 5 Prologue launches), Cisco Systems, Optus, Elite Publishing, Coca-Cola, Telstra, Subaru Australia, Mitsubishi dealers and more.

The hire fee starts from $409 per cockpit / per day plus $300 for a coordinator to set-up, manage the area (inc running competitions if required) and pack-up the simulators (Australian dollars, ex GST).

We can customise a package to suit your needs. There are heaps of tracks, race formats and vehicle categories to choose from. 2011-2018 Supercars with all the Aussie tracks like Bathurst, Sandown and more is fantastic and always very, very popular.

Corporate branding can be applied for a professional look. We can print and apply decals to the simulators for a professional look. Pricing is $110 per simulator for 5 decals of the same logo type.

Our coordinator can run competitions for you to get everyone involved plus this is a great way to capture names and build a database of leads. Large spectating screens can be added so the crowd can easily see the action and get more involved.

New: Formula 1 Simulator now available for Hire.

Our RS Formula is designed to replicate the unique driving position and experience of a formula type race car. Featuring a replica Ferrari F1 wheel and top end simulation software this setup is just stunning and draws big crowds when ever in use.

The rig is mounted on a raised staging base for easier cockpit access and is supplied with a view to running a Fastest Lap Challenge. Guests lap times are recorded on the Top Gear style leaderboard. So if you want your business to be the star of the show at the your next exhibition/trade event then book the RS Formula now.

Price is $795 per day and includes the RS Formula simulator an operator + leaderborard (special rates apply for 3+ days). Branding can be applied to the simulator and leaderboard as an option, or a custom branded F1 car with your company logo can be placed into the software. Contact info@gamerscockpit.com.au

Contact us now so GamersCockpit can make your next event better and more successful.

Pictures and stories from recent events

New Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Hire Package

Friday, June 10th, 2016

From September 2016 we will have available for hire the brand new Oculus Rift VR equipment RIFT . Just released in the US, this is brand new technology. You know it is good when Facebook’s  Mark Zuckerberg dropped a cool US$2Billion to get Oculus.……..this guy knows a bit about technology and it’s direction.

Our Rift VR Hire Package is designed to generate floor traffic to your exhibition stand and make your stand the best at the show………….plus have people talking about your brand well after the show finishes. Your stand staff will have lots of interaction with show attendees and the opportunity to make new contacts.

The Oculus Rift Hire Package includes the Rift headset, sensor and top end VR PC. Options include a spectating screen, chair for user to sit and an operator to manage the setup for you. Pricing (ex GST) starts from $495 per unit per day.

There is lots of content to choose from. Apollo 11 space, the Grand Canyon, Eagle Flight, Climbing, the list goes on.  Dreamdeck Apollo 11

Send us an email info@gamerscockpit.com.au or call (0432 983 989) with a brief and we can quote a package to suit your exhibition stand needs. This will be the hottest thing in the exhibition market and we are taking bookings now. Make your stand the killer activation.

V8 Supercar Corporate Suite Entertainment

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

GamersCockpit can supply WORKS model simulators in your corporate area for your guests to enjoy. Simulators will be setup with 2011 to 2018 spec V8 Supercars racing at the actual circuit you are attending. Compete in a fastest lap challenge or in a short race against the full grid of cars. Better still get 2 or more machines and race head to head. This is great fun not only for the racers but spectators as well.

Simulators are priced from $409 ex GST per machine per day. Each simulator has a foot print of 2m deep X 0.75m wide. We can brand the cockpits with your logos for a nice way of impressing your sponsors.

So if you will be occupying a corporate facility at one of the upcoming V8 rounds add a simulator or two  to make the event even more memorable.  Contact GamersCockpit now on 0432 983 989 or info@gamerscockpit.com.au to make a booking. Simulator supply is limited so get in now.

New Formula 1 Simulator

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

We now have the new RS Formula simulator available for hire. This rig replicates the unique driving position and experience of a Formula car. Feature the licenced Ferrari replica wheel and state of the art f1 simulation software, this set up is just stunning.

This is the ideal tool to use at your next exhibition/trade show to generate floor traffic to your stand and make your business the star attaction.

Pricing is $850 + GST per day and includes 1 x RS Formula, 1 x operator, 1 x leaderboard. Lower rates apply for 3+ days.

Optional simulator branding package available so the setup looks like you own it! Enquire or book now info@gamerscockpit.com.au

F1 2012 Melbourne

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

GamersCockpit worked with Renault at the Melbourne F1 supplying 4 x WORKS model simulators for their outdoor display.

Visitors to the stand got to race a Megane RS250 around the Albert Park track in a fastest lap challenge. It proved to be very, very popular and we had our hands full with big crowds every day.

Feedback from Renault was extremely positive with a large increase in visitors to the 2012 stand V 2011. It was alot of hard work but worth the effort.

HRT Drive Days

Friday, April 13th, 2012

GamersCockpit continues to provide entertainment for attendees of HRT’s Drive Days. For 2012 we will have simulators the HRT days in WA, SA, QLD, NSW ans VIC. WORKS model cockpits will be setup running 2011 HRT Supercars so attendees could take a virtual lap before their actual Hot Lap. 

Pictured here is Will Davison (2010)getting in some early morning warm up laps of Eastern Creek. He was very fast and set some very good times, even preferring to use the stick rather than paddle change.

With a constant flow of drive day attendees the cockpits got a big work out and were enjoyed by all. Having the 2010 livery and the actual circuit was very popular.

A big thanks to Georgia from HRT for getting us involved with the days and we hope we can do more events with HRT in the future. A head to head challenge V the HRT boys would be great fun.

HIRE – 3D TV Now Available

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

3D TV is now available for hire. Add a 3D TV Gaming/Movie station to your exhibition stand or event and pull in the crowds!

Our new 3D Entertainment Stations are absolutely stunning. Available components include:

  • Latest Samsung 63″ 3D Plasma TV
  • Mobile display stand for TV & equipment
  • Sony PS3 gaming console, 6 x wireless controllers and game (Wii also available)
  • Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player, 5 x 3D glasses and a 3D movie
  • Sound is pumped out via a logitech sound system (2 x satellites + sub woofer)
  • Seating – either ottoman or lounge style

The entertainment stations are a great way of generating traffic to your exhibition. Fire up Avitar in 3D on the the massive 63″ plasma and you will have people flocking to your stand. Everyone wants to see what 3D TV is like!

Alternatively use the PS3 (or Wii console) to offer the ultimate gaming experience – the 63″ screen just makes it! Gaming for 1-6 players + great fun for the spectators will make your stand or event the place to be. Games like FIFA 10 (Soccer), Boxing, UFC 10, Golf are a big hit. Or using the Wii motion controllers to play bowling, archery, tennis……great fun and a different experience.

Pricing starts from $950 ex per day -(better rate for longer period applies) . An on site operator can be supplied to manage the display and run competitions if required (cost is $250 ex per day).

Make your next event a massive hit using our new 3D Entertainment Stations. Call now on 0432 983 989 or email info@gamerscockpit.com.au to give us a brief and we will send you a quote.

“Our stand was the must visit stand of the exhibition”

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Hi David,

Just wanted to let you know our feedback from featuring one of your simulators on our stand at the recent AWISA exhibition. David, our magazine has been around since 1985 and whilst people like to come up to our stand and have a chat etc., it can be quite a boring stand and we wanted to do something different this year.

By putting a simulator on the stand, we immediately created excitement and our stand was the must visit stand of the exhibition. As you are aware, we had a leaders board and gave away some trophies for time trial winners. Not only did our readers flock to the stand but also the exhibitors (our advertisers) also came over time and again to test their skills. People either participated or stood and watched for quite a time we turned up the volume too to create extra excitement. The exhibition visitors are mainly in the manufacturing industry and the simulator appealed to them.

It was a great ice breaker also for new companies that hadn’t visited the exhibition before.

By using the simulator we feel we took away the threatening nature that some stands can imply: we feel we added excitement in a warm, friendly and non-threatening way. I know there are a lot of people still talking about the race.

David, this is definitely something we will consider doing again at the next exhibition and I wish to personally thank you for your promptness and availability when I needed help.

Thanks again,

Warm regards,


Maureen Horne


Elite Publishing Co Pty Ltd

alphawest thanks GamersCockpit

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
Hi David,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your assistance at our event on Friday out at Optus Macquarie Park. The cars were a hit! You were really helpful too so thank you for making our lives easier in the coordination of the event.
If we ever decide to have the cars again or if anyone else asks about them I definitely know where to recommend.
Appreciate it!
Eloise Booth
Sales Support and Marketing Executive NSW