About Us

The Gamers Cockpit is a product designed and built in Australia. Since its launch in mid 2005 it has had an enormously positive response from press and public.

Achievements and press

The Gamers Cockpit was featured in leading auto magazines Wheels and Motor and
newspapers around Australia.

Wheels describe the Gamers Cockpit as the “ultimate set-up for enjoying Gran Turismo™4”. Motor magazine are running a Gran Turismo™4 reader competition to find Australia’s fastest virtual drivers.

Sony used a Gamers Cockpit for the Australian launch of Gran Turismo™4. We were honoured to be involved at such an important event.

The driving enthusiast behind it all

I wanted the best set up for my wheel and pedals and I wanted other enthusiasts to be able to enjoy my creation. The need for a cockpit was obvious – something that allowed you to bring all the elements together for the ultimate driving experience. No more wheels bolted to tables!
David Wright – Gamers Cockpit

David Wright is the principle of the business and designer of the Gamers Cockpit racing simulator.

A self-confessed rev head and car enthusiast, he has been attracted to anything with a motor since a very young age. Dirt bikes, sports cars, jet skis, even his much loved Kawasaki brushcutter!

He spent a 9 year period with Toyota Australia, working in the areas of Product Planning, Direct Marketing, Accessories and TRD. It was a great chance to learn more about the motor industry, and experience some hot Toyotas!

David has now turned his attention to developing a driving simulator for the car enthusiast.

As a driving enthusiast, he knew what he wanted in a cockpit:
a realistic road car driving position, solid construction and combined sound
and vision into one compact, sexy unit.

David now believes he has achieved this goal, and is more than happy to talk to anyone about it!

“This simulator helps the car enthusiast experience the cars and tracks they wish they could drive in real life”

Our Racing Simulator

  • Rigid steel chassis for mounting your steering wheel, pedals, shifter and sound system. Note: all leading wheels will fit the GamersCockpit + G25 & Porsche 911 shifters
  • Optional accessories available to allow mounting of LCD screen, keyboard, mouse, front speakers and separate shifters such as G25 and Porsche 911 turbo.
  • Attach speakers to the rear speaker posts for optimum positioning and place a subwoofer under the seat so you can feel the rumble
  • Adjustable driving position – adjust your seat position, pedal position and pedal rake
  • Choose from a variety of different seat types and colours
  • Tough powder coated finish for a great looking and hard wearing finish. You choose your chassis colour!
  • Traditional road car driving position with your bum above your feet. No sitting on the floor, easy access and best seating position for experiencing non single seater type vehicles.
  • Clear pedal access – unlike some cockpits there is no steel bar between your legs that supports the wheel which makes driving very uncomfortable
  • Mobile – fit the optional wheels so you can move your cockpit when needed
  • Consistency and accuracy is guaranteed with laser-profile cutting and pre-jigged machine bending
  • Quality material – manufactured from BlueScope 250 grade steel
  • Fitting kit includes corrugated split tubing + cable ties so you can hide all the messy cables
  • Components feature nut inserts or tapped threads for easier assembly and a clean look