HRT Drive Days

Friday, April 13th, 2012

GamersCockpit continues to provide entertainment for attendees of HRT’s Drive Days. For 2012 we will have simulators the HRT days in WA, SA, QLD, NSW ans VIC. WORKS model cockpits will be setup running 2011 HRT Supercars so attendees could take a virtual lap before their actual Hot Lap. 

Pictured here is Will Davison (2010)getting in some early morning warm up laps of Eastern Creek. He was very fast and set some very good times, even preferring to use the stick rather than paddle change.

With a constant flow of drive day attendees the cockpits got a big work out and were enjoyed by all. Having the 2010 livery and the actual circuit was very popular.

A big thanks to Georgia from HRT for getting us involved with the days and we hope we can do more events with HRT in the future. A head to head challenge V the HRT boys would be great fun.

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