The WORKS – New Name for existing model

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Due to the introduction of our new model GamersCockpit called the STRIPPER we have now called our existing model the WORKS.

The STRIPPER ($659.95) sits below the WORKS in the model range and now gives you more choice when working out the best racing simulation setup for your situation.

Until now we only had one model so there was no real need for a specific model name – it was just known as the GamersCockpit. It has always been our plan to introduce new models and now that we have done that giving them model names stops confusion about which model we are referring to.

We have been selling the WORKS for over 4 years now and it has been very successful. It is a great product with a full range of accessories that provides you with the complete simulation solution + it really looks the business!. We knew however that there was a demand for a cockpit at a lower price point that still offered high quality but with out some of the extras. We have been working on such a model for some time now and it is now here ready for sale.

The STRIPPER -just like a real street stripper it features just the core components you need for a high performance race rig and none of the fancy bits that are nice but don’t make you go any faster.

While the WORKS is like you are a fully sponsored factory pilot with every imaginable option available to you. So you get the complete package while also looking the goods.

See product details in our online store.

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