New Model GamersCockpit – The STRIPPER

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

GamersCockpit have added a brand new model race rig called the STRIPPER. It will be availble for delivery from July 12, 2009. Priced from $659.95 orders can be placed now. See full details listed in our web store.

Just like a real street stripper it  features just the core components you need for a high performance race rig and none of the fancy bits that are nice but don’t make you go any faster.

So you get:

  • High quality race seat with adjustable back rest position (available in black, blk/red, blk/grey) 
  • Steering wheel mounting platform. Features height and reach adjustment + pre-drilled holes for mounting G25 and Porsche 911 wheel with screws.
  • Pedal plate for pedal mounting. Features rake and reach adjustment +  laser cut slots for mounting G25 and Porsche 911 pedals with screws.
  • Shifter mounting bracket (can be mounted LHS+RHS) for G25 shifter. Features pre-drilled holes for mounting with screws.

This rig is highly adjustable so you can find the optimum setup. An optional seat rail slider can be added for quicker seat adjusment (good for families).

Another key design element is ensuring clear access to your pedals. With the leading wheels on the market having 3 pedal systems (clutch/brake/throttle) you need unobscured access to your pedals, particularly for heel-toe down changing. Some competitor cockpits have support structures that go between your legs (to support the wheel) which makes access to the brake and throttle with your right foot less than ideal. 

Your cockpit chassis can be powdercoated in the colour of your choice – black, yellow, silver, super white, orange, red, blue are popular choices. The std seat is also available in black, blk/red, blk/grey. Should you wish to buy the Stripper chassis but with a different seat please go to FRAMES+ACCESSORIES and then to RACING SEATS within our store. The STRIPPER chassis in Super White with the new fixed back RPM seat in red is a killer (+ a Porsche 911 Turbo wheel fitted)!

Rubber adhesive pads are supplied to stick to the bottom of the frame for setting your race cockpit on a hard floor surface.

A sound system can be fitted to the frame. A sub-woofer fits under the seat and satellite speakers can be placed either side of the wheel. 2 x pre-drilled holes are on the wheel platform to secure the satellites using their std foot or using the GamersCockpit option speakers sleeves. The logitech X230 2.1 system is what we recommend – it fits the rig perfectly and the sound is the business.

Our frame is Aiusralian made using high quality materials and best practises production techniques. The Stripper comes with a 12 month warranty – and we carry a complete stock of replacement parts (no waiting on stuff from overseas).

The stripper is the ideal way to experience the thrill of racing simulation (PC/PS3/Xbox360) at an affodable price point.

The STRIPPER sits below our existing model cockpit which we have now named the WORKS.

NOTE: The rough pictures listed are of our prototype. Small changes (hole position + better finish) will occur with production stock. Stock will be available from 12/07/09. New better quality pictures to follow soon.

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