“Our stand was the must visit stand of the exhibition”

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Hi David,

Just wanted to let you know our feedback from featuring one of your simulators on our stand at the recent AWISA exhibition. David, our magazine has been around since 1985 and whilst people like to come up to our stand and have a chat etc., it can be quite a boring stand and we wanted to do something different this year.

By putting a simulator on the stand, we immediately created excitement and our stand was the must visit stand of the exhibition. As you are aware, we had a leaders board and gave away some trophies for time trial winners. Not only did our readers flock to the stand but also the exhibitors (our advertisers) also came over time and again to test their skills. People either participated or stood and watched for quite a time we turned up the volume too to create extra excitement. The exhibition visitors are mainly in the manufacturing industry and the simulator appealed to them.

It was a great ice breaker also for new companies that hadn’t visited the exhibition before.

By using the simulator we feel we took away the threatening nature that some stands can imply: we feel we added excitement in a warm, friendly and non-threatening way. I know there are a lot of people still talking about the race.

David, this is definitely something we will consider doing again at the next exhibition and I wish to personally thank you for your promptness and availability when I needed help.

Thanks again,

Warm regards,


Maureen Horne


Elite Publishing Co Pty Ltd

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