Gran Turismo 4™ vs. Real life!

Friday, September 30th, 2005

Motor magazine takes a Nissan 350Z around the Nôrburgring to compare real life with Gran Turismo 4™

“Another experienced ‘Ring bloke rode shotgun with me and seemed impressed given my lack of experience. He reckoned I’d saved between 25 and 30 laps practice by learning the track on the game.”

“A Logitech Driving Force Pro steering wheel is a must-have accessory with a Playstation 2…”

“Tracks have been measured to tolerances of around five centimetres, and their appearance is close to video-real.”

“The hill at Flugplutz is taken flat-out in fifth at nearly 200km/h. The car doesn’t fly like it does in GT4, just goes very light on it’s feet. The next sweepers are flat-out after a dab on the brakes, just like they are in the game.”

And a quote from Dirk Schoysman (an 11,000 lap Nôrburgring legend): “I’ve done one lap, with a hand controller. I thought it was excellent, a very good way to learn your lines.”

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