‘Pedal to the Metal’ – full page review

Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

“The Gamers Cockpit literally puts you in the driver’s seat
Stephen Fenech has written a full page article for the Daily Telegraph’s ‘Connect’ lift-out.

It is the next best thing to being in a real car.

“…the Gamers Cockpit guarantees edge-of-your-seat racing.

“A high-quality Monza sports seat gives the whole thing a genuine driving feel and the framing has a custom-designed platform for the steering wheel and pedals; you think you’re sitting in a real car.

“…speakers fitted onto poles on either side of the seat means the Gamers Cockpit sounds every bit as real as it drives.

“The Gamers Cockpit can also be used for playing non-racing games, simply by plugging the the regular controller. The same level of surround sound and heightened game play can still be achieved.

“You won’t be playing a driving game, you’ll be driving”

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