I spent a month ‘training’ on the Gamer’s Cockpit

Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

Having raced on real tracks for 10 years, the Gamer’s Cockpit is perfect for replicating the mindset and concentration that you need both in real life and in racing games.

Having recently traveled to Nurburgring, I spent a month ‘training’ on the Gamer’s Cockpit and it helped an incredible amount, the steering wheel being able to pick racing lines easier, apexes and understanding when and how to brake and accelerate.

The closeness of the screen means it doesn’t have to be huge (and expensive) and the surround sound adds to the realism.

The adjustable, comfortable seat is perfect for short stints or those long races. In our office with a few different sized ‘drivers’, the adjustable leg-length made it easy to adapt to for our in-office GT4 ‘competition’.  If you’re into racing games and not using the Gamer’s Cockpit, you’re not getting the full effect.
Dean Evans, Deputy Editor, Motor Magazine

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